Sobeys' R-Purpose MICRO

by Provision Coalition Inc.

R-Purpose MICRO is a unique business transformation bootcamp designed specifically for micro-sized food and beverage companies. It is the only program in North America that embeds purpose, sustainability and circularity into the heart of micro-businesses – enabling them to generate significantly more growth faster. This program has been created specifically for local suppliers in the Sobeys' pipeline so that shoppers can be confident that the products in their carts and in their homes are coming from purpose-driven, sustainable, circular companies.
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What Other Participants Have To Say

How will R-Purpose MICRO help your business?

  • Accelerate your growth through purpose

  • Differentiate yourself through your value proposition

  • Embed sustainability into the heart of your business model

  • Develop a plan to become a circular business

  • Powerfully pitch your company

  • Creation of circular collaborations within the cohort

How It Works

  • Structured as a virtual 12-week program beginning May 27th with weekly coaching sessions every Thursday from 12-2pm ET

  • Involves theory, practice, case studies, peer learning and professional facilitation to suit all learning styles

  • Move at your own pace through a combination of online training, assignments, and weekly coaching sessions

Course Schedule

Sobeys’ R-Purpose MICRO will begin May 27th, 2021. The coaching sessions will be held every Thursday from 12pm-2pm ET on the module from the prior week.

Course Modules

  • 1

    Introduction: Purpose Teaser Video

    • R-Purpose MICRO Module 1 - Purpose Teaser Video

  • 2

    Module 1: The Power of Your Purpose

    • Video 1: Defining Purpose

    • Video 2: People Buy Why

    • Video 2 Resource: Simon Sinek Ted Talk - How Great Leaders Inspire Action

    • Video 3: The Business Case for Purpose

    • Video 3 Resource: Apple "Here's to the Crazy Ones"

    • Video 4: What Makes a Purpose-Driven Business?

    • Module 1 Assignment: Create Your Purpose

  • 3

    Module 2: Connecting With Your Purpose

    • Video 1: The Impact Triangle

    • Video 1 Resources: Neuroscience

    • Video 2: Inspire Me!

    • Bonus Video: What is your territory?

    • Module 2 Assignment: Connecting Your Purpose to Your Employees & Customers

  • 4

    Module 3: Telling Your Story

    • Video 1: Why Stories?

    • Video 1 Resources: Future of StoryTelling: Paul Zak

    • Video 2: Feelin' Groovy - It's Not Rocket Science

    • Video 3: The 4-Act Play

    • Video 3 Resource: Do schools kill creativity? - Ken Robinson

    • Module 3 Assignment: Write Your 4-Act Play

  • 5

    Module 4: Defining Your Currency

    • Video 1: Your Superpowers

    • Video 2: What's Your Problem?

    • Video 3: The Pivot Equation

    • Module 4 Assignment: Get Clear On Your Currency

  • 6

    Module 5: Creating a Bold New Vision

    • Video 1: The Tree and the Shade

    • Video 2: Don’t Fall in the Pit

    • Module 5 Assignment: Create Your Bold Vision

  • 7

    Module 6: Sharpening Your Value Proposition

    • Video 1: Who Is Your Kyle?

    • Video 2: NIS-What?

    • Video 2 Resource: Help! I Want to Save a Life

    • Video 3: Uber Clear

    • Module 6 Assignment: Creating Your Value Proposition

  • 8

    Module 7: It’s All in the Numbers!

    • Video 1: Know Your Numbers, Know Your Business

    • Video 2: Your Crystal Ball

    • Module 7 Assignment: Financial Indicators & Cashflow Statement

  • 9

    Module 8: Growing Your Business Using Circularity

    • Video 1: Sailing Into The Future

    • Video 2: The Butterfly Effect

    • Video 3: What's In It For You?

    • Video 4: Waste? I Got No Waste

    • Video 5: Funky Fish Burgers

    • Module 8 Resources: Food Loss + Waste Toolkit Demo

    • Module 8 Resources: KPI Dashboard Introduction

    • Module 8 Assignment: Create Your Circularity Plan

  • 10

    Module 9: How You Are Going to Achieve Your Vision

    • Video 1: OKR - Bless You!

    • Video 2: A Trip Into The Jungle

    • Video 3: I'm OK - R U?

    • Module 9 Assignment: Create Your OKRs For Your Customer, Market & Business Objectives

  • 11

    Module 10: Triple P – Preparing the Perfect Pitch

    • Video 1: Triple P - Preparing the Perfect Pitch

    • Module 10 Assignment: Create your 3-minute pitch

What are the results?

RPM is designed to deliver impact fast, regardless of the impact of the pandemic. 100% of participating firms report that the program created real new value in their businesses and are implementing their circularity plans. And within three months of graduating:

  • 65% have increased their revenues

  • More than half have secured new distribution deals

  • 40% have created new strategic partnerships

How much does it cost?

R-Purpose MICRO costs only $2,250 (including tax) and may be eligible for cost-sharing through programs in your local municipality or business associations.

Why you should do this course NOW?

  • Help you refocus on what truly matters

  • Get back to why you started your business in the first place

  • Tap into your creative ideas that have never made it to fruition

  • Adopt a new mindset that pushes your business beyond the boundaries of your category or industry

Meet Your Coaches

Lead Coach

Jon Duschinsky

Jon is an entrepreneur, social innovator, thought leader, speaker and coach who helps unleash the power of purpose in business. What underpins all his work is the understanding that purpose and profitability are now two sides of the same coin, and you cannot have one without the other. The ability to harness the power of purpose will determine who will thrive and who will fail in the new global marketplace. Jon has worked in more than 60 countries, with some 200+ organizations. Jon’s energy and passion shine through in his insightful and personable communication style. He has been voted the world’s second most influential communicator in social innovation (second only to Bill Clinton) by a group of his peers, and he has shared speaking platforms with leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Kofi Annan and Steve Wozniak. He is the author of two books, “Philanthropy in a Flat World” (2008) and “(me)volution” (2012). Jon challenges the status quo, gleefully sparking disruptive change and supporting leaders to reframe the well-worn story of profits over people.

Lead Sustainability Expert

Cher Mereweather

Cher is one of Canada’s leaders in food industry sustainability. As founder and CEO of Provision Coalition Inc, Cher works directly with food companies to transform their business culture and operations. Cher is a passionate advocate for a healthy lifestyle that is deeply connected to the natural environment. The food system became an obvious source of study and focus for her professional career, as food is the nexus between environment and health. What Cher stands for, is a world in which food and beverage products support both people and the planet. She has dedicated her career to working with businesses to get clear on why they exist, what their purpose is beyond profit, and to provide them with the support needed to execute this strategy, so that the real ‘magic’ can happen. Cher’s career has included time with the Guelph Food Technology Centre (now NSF International) where she established and directed the Sustainability Consulting Business Unit, and executive positions in environmental economics and policy with the Canadian agri-food think tank, the George Morris Centre. Cher holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy and is certified in both project and change management. Cher has also been awarded the Canadian Grocer Generation Next award for her leadership, innovation and excellence in sustainability within the food and beverage industry.

Sales & Marketing Expert

Jaime Leger

As Provision’s Manager of Marketing and Communications, Jaime is responsible for telling Provision’s story. She does this by showcasing to our existing clients and future prospects, what success looks like when built on a foundation of purpose. Jaime is an engaging and personable leader with exceptional attention-to-detail, strategic thinking and communication skills. She has a broad background including sales, marketing and operations that enables cross-functional collaboration and establishes mutually beneficial relationships with business partners. Jaime's enthusiasm, creativity, and work ethic are infectious and she has a strong drive to inspire others to believe in possibility. Jaime has seven years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry in team field sales leadership, key account management, and business development. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa in Marketing and spent 4 months in Thailand learning International Business.

What Others Are Saying About R-Purpose MICRO

Jacob Goldfarb

Owner, Goldfarm Canada

"This program (R-Purpose MICRO) really opened my eyes to just how much underpins a successful business. The folks at Provision Coalition have so much great knowledge, experience and expertise in the space and their commitment to helping other local food businesses is more than apparent. I now have the foundation in place that will help drive my business forward, and provide the necessary focus to ensure goals and objectives are met. Having circularity be the central tenet of the program will lead to more resilient companies and a more robust, resilient and sustainable food industry."

Shelly Walsh

Owner, Wellington Made

"It is because of Provision's efforts that I have become more cognizant of circularity, even though I was practicing it from a handling perspective, I did not consider a food waste or "pay it forward" way of processing."

Alejandra (Ally) Melo

Sales and Marketing Director, Polar Tropical Fruit

"The program has helped me build a foundation on the basic knowledge needed for a sustainable business. For a lot of what was taught, I either didn't know or I didn't realize there was a better way of doing what I was already doing. The coaching from Provision and the connections with the cohort were invaluable."

Josh Cormier

Chief Executive Officer and Head Distiller, Pepprell Distilling Co.

"R-Purpose MICRO challenged the way I approach the business and how we present ourselves as a company. It was great to work with and learn from other leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs."

Kieran Klassen

Head of Business Development, Heartwood Farm & Cidery

"In the months since I partook in the R-Purpose MICRO course, the Objectives and Key Results session has been extremely useful and relevant to our business. This session gave our team the opportunity to determine the three core objectives that are guiding our business, and the corresponding key results that we are looking to attain. We are committed to following these objectives in both high-level decision making and day to day operations, to ensure we can keep a clear focus on the things that truly matter for our business."

Local Guelph-Wellington Food Business

"The Provision Coalition team over exceeded my expectations with the R-Purpose MICRO program. The mentorship provided after each session was appreciated and they really went the extra mile in making sure we understood the concepts. After finishing the program my team and I are using everything learned to continue to grow our business and leverage our HOW and our WHY. Having participated in the program has also allowed for networking and new opportunities to arise. I am very thankful for the PC team for their hard work."